These Old Professions Of India Showcase How Nicely We Have Adopted the Modern Life

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“Old Professions Of India”

We live in 21st century where we have a technology for everything. From buying tiny to big objects we have our smartphones at our fingertips. In the modern life, we have comfortably and fastly adapted the technology and modern professions. The professions in which an individual works for 8 to 9 hours sitting in front of a computer. We all have indulged ourselves so much in our modern jobs that we never thought about the professions that used to be there in old times.

We all are so dependent on the technology that we simply forgot the charm of these dying professions of India. Below I have mentioned few of such professions, so have a look:

1. Scribes of Delhi:


In past days calligraphy used to be a respected profession where the calligraphers used to inscribe books and made posters. With the introduction of different fonts and apps for calligraphy, it is on verge of dying.

2. Knife Grinders:


If you remember that while roaming in the market we used to listen that ‘Chaaku Tez karva lo’. As now we have kitchen knives manufactured in factories the livelihood of these knife grinder has not become tough but they also find difficulty in getting a job.

3. Rudaalis of Rajasthan:


Women of Thar desert of western Rajasthan who belong to the upper-caste are supposed to not open up their emotions at the time of death. Thus, women of lower-caste were called to perform Rudaalis in which they would come to the place cry loudly, beat their chest and slap the ground. As now the time is changed women are rarely called for Rudaali.

4. Potters:


Remember the money we all used to keep in the piggy bank made out of clay?? Potters were behind the idea who used to make matkas, diyas and other clay objects and sell it in the market. In past, they used to be in great demand but now with the advancement in everything the need for pottery items have been replaced.

5. Letter Writers:


Before the arrival of mobiles with a dozen of social media apps, the only source of communication was letters. As people at a time couldn’t write and read they used to visit the letter writers. These days people are now educated and as there are smartphones people don’t need Letter writers.

Wish we could have taken them along with us. Did you guys felt the feeling of nostalgia while going through the article?? Let us know in the comment section.

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