This is How Hygiene Can Play A Big Role in Your Appearance

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Ever went on a blind date where the guy is not hygienic at all, and you want to run away from that stinking creature?

Yes, I know many of you have been stuck in a situation, where you just can’t handle the uncleanliness, not because that you have an OCD but you know the value of hygiene. Bad breath, dirty nails and awkward habits of people can even affect relationships, be it professional or personal. Don’t believe me? Read the full article, and you will know why you should start maintaining a healthy hygiene schedule.

She is Noticing You!


Stop digging your nose in public places and please don’t burp after every lunch date for God’s sake. She has been tolerating these stuff and that might be the reason you are ‘friend zoned’.
For those who don’t find it important, let me tell you one thing if you really want to impress a girl you need to be a well-organized person. You don’t necessarily need to be an up to date guy who wears branded clothes and stuff, you just need to smell good with clean nails and hair so that she finds you attractive. These are the first things a girl will ever notice in a guy.

No Matter How Charming You Are People Will Judge You!


In a recent survey, more than 70 percent working professional believe that having unhygienic habits affects their reputation at workplaces. People who are more hygienic in terms of personal hygiene and organized living tend to get more acknowledgment and opportunities than people who don’t pay attention to their cleanliness or hygiene habits.

Social Reputation


When you are surrounded by hundreds of people, you need to maintain your hygiene to save your social reputation. Think of someone coming out of a loo without washing his/ her hands, and those dirty hands are coming your way to eat those pancakes from your plate. Disgusting right!



So now, you know the importance of having a good personal hygiene and how it will affect your overall personality. I am not going to act like your mother here who tells you to wash your hand before eating or brush your teeth and so on. I just want to make it clear that if you don’t have cleanliness habits or you are those smelly creatures, you are not going to get any girl neither your friends are going to admire your look of the day.


Always wear good perfume and keep sanitizer along with you and do not forget to remove those irritating hair.

Apart from that, your personal hygiene is equally important. Using sanitary pads, clean clothes and washrooms can keep you healthy and safe from infections.

Stay Hygienic and Impress Everybody! 



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