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“Think, Before Ask Anything On Twitter”

Hello readers! I remembered the situation when me and my class-fellow shares the same name and when the teacher called one we both look at the same time. And, every time she called our surname to distinguish between us.

Recently, Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao took to Twitter and asked a thoughtful question about surnames and as always Twitter works in mysterious ways. Rather, taking his question as thoughtful as he asked, they came up with the hilarious reply.


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However, Rajkumar Rao sorry the only Rajkumar took to twitter through a question that challenges the ways and norms we use to think:

But, though he forgets, he is living in the world of Twitter, where even a serious matter can be the laugh riot. And, this exactly happens here that Rajkummar would have never anticipated.

Here have the  look at the reactions of Twitterati:


#Filmy Jawab

#It’s true!


And, this is the most hilarious yet VOILA tweet!

So, it seems Rajkumar’s thoughtful question is no more thoughtful now, as we can only laugh along with the Twitterati!

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