These Two Bikers Safely Crossed Forest While Having Encounter With Two Tiger

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Two Bikers Miraculously saved

India is a land which covers the 70 percent of the total tiger population in the world. This is why I think Tiger is the National Animal of India. Being having so many tigers in our country people from other countries visit here to watch them out. But, honestly, I think and even experienced that to see this giant animal we have to reach to any of the Tiger Reserve because they rarely show up while we cross a forest area. Right?? Though we eagerly want to see them and when this dangerous animal comes in front of us it does scare us all a bit.

Well, worst nightmares can come true in people life while crossing the forest area. This is what happened with two men who were crossing a jungle on their bike. They faced two full-grown tigers. The video as per reported by Times Now is said to be shot at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra.


In the video which went viral on all over the Internet, it can be seen that the two men were stopped in their path and had their encounter with these two giant animals. The video has been allegedly shot by the passengers sitting in the car. The passengers of the car were in dilemma whether to take their car nearby the bikers or not as any movement could ruin the situation.

As the Tigers were around them the bikers in the 4-minute video seems to be still without any movement as passengers alert them about the position of Tiger. Miraculously, both the bikers escape the attack of Tigers due to the presence of mind of the car passengers.

Don’t forget to watch the video below:

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