This TED Talk Explains Why People Find It Difficult To Poop Away From Home

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Ever wonder how we poop?

Well, this is the question every human being must have a thought for but feels shy to express. While there have been many amazing things the doctors and scientist have found about the human body, it still hosts to multiple untold stories.

Meanwhile, this TED Talk by the doctor and author Giulia Enders discloses – why some people find it difficult to ‘poop’ when they are away from their home?

According to Giulia Enders, just like everything else in the human body, it is the brain that decides where to poop and how to poop.

The system where digestion takes place, she explains the hidden or inside the complex, fascinating science behind it and how it is connected to the mental health of the human.

Our body has an inner sphincter as well, where unprocessed food first gets stored before being pushed to the outer sphincter for discharge. This is the brain that examines the surroundings and gives the body the sign of whether it can ‘take a dump’ or to control it.

Watch the video of the ‘charming science of the gut’ here:


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