Don’t Listen to Them Get Married When You Are Actually Ready

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Are you sure you are ready for the marriage?

Don’t take me wrong but this is a really important question before you tie the knot with a random person just because the society and your so-called relatives want you to see you married. Whether you are a 24-year-old who is ambitious and have everything except a partner or a 35-year-old who has been forced by his/ her family to marry a random person, you need to understand that marriage being an institution itself need to be respected enough. After all, You are going to be with that person forever.


Here I am going to share reasons why you should get married when you are actually ready for it

You Have Just Started


Yes! You finally know what you want and things are getting smoother. All these years, you have been struggling with your career, heartbreaks and other complications. Now that you are clear about your life you need to enjoy the phase.
The society will never understand this, they have made a pattern where after a certain age, you will have to get married so that the next part ( being a parent ) gets done. Stop forcing yourself just because others want you to see settled.

You are Not Ready Yet


All the gossip aunties will talk about you getting older, no matter how beautiful or intelligent you are, but what matters is to know yourself. If you are finding yourself unstable in terms of marriage and commitment, then don’t rush. Tell your parents that you need time to be mentally prepared for the biggest decision of your life, it’s not like any other relationship after all!


Marry When You Find that Forever Partner


At your 20’s you were confused about love and relationship and made mistakes, which are great for being a better person. Now you are mature enough to find your soulmate with whom you can spend all your life or maybe the next ones. Tell your parents that you are not into that arranged marriage zone where you don’t even know what the person likes or dislikes. I would prefer being single and 3o than being with a wrong person.

Marriage is not on your mind right now!


As we get older, we want things to be less stressful and choose people that are good for the mind. When you reach a certain age, where not getting married is highly disappointing for your family and relatives, but what if you get married and then things don’t work out? It’s better to wait until you are ready to be with someone legally.

I know people who are in a happy relationship for years but when you ask them about marriage they get confused. There is nothing bad in taking time when it comes to marriage and love.

So next time when somebody gives you lecture on getting married just tell them that you are going to die alone! Till then, Happy reading 🙂



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