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What modern dating actually is!

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Are you dating someone? Have you seen a modern dating couple? If yes, then you will find that the world of modern dating is full of madness. The meaning of terms love and date has been changed completely.  It encapsulates chaos, madness, no care attitude and what not! Dating has changed its meaning to being on social media, carrying labels, dealing with complications, and absolutely different from its early times. I know you are agreeing with me and if you feel the same or are in the same status of the relationship, to feel normal or whole again, you need to watch a few shows based on modern relationship.

So, here to help you, we bring you the list of 8 TV shows and web series which you need to watch today.

Here Are 8 Shows On Modern Relationship That You Can’t Afford To Miss:

#1 Little Things

The show is all away from the big drama, big romantic comedy, big issues. It’s all really about those pretty little things that should be in a couple.

#2 You’re The Worst

In this disconnected world, finding a true love is an ultimate challenge. It’s a story of an equally awful, discomforted couple and you will find yourself connected to it very well.

#3 Permanent Roommates


The show portrays all the problems of a modern relationship from long distance to family pressure to pregnancy fears. It is a must watch show for today’s generation.

#4 Relationship Status

It’s a must watch show for you guys. The show depicts how the obsession of a dating partner make them appears more than how they feel.

#5 Romil and Jugal

In the show, these two men are going beyond with just dealing with the stigma of homosexuality as they have to deal with their family’s cultural differences also.

#6 Man Seeking Woman

The show is a unique take on the ridiculousness of relationship in the modern world. According to the concept of the show, modern dating just one big ridiculous idea.

#7 Insecure

This show shows the modern concept of dating which is entirely different from the traditional two meaning ‘single’ or ‘committed’. Today’s love comes with multiple tags.

#8 Love

Love shows a fresh idea of the love and shows how two people get disenchanted with the concept of it. This is one of today’s most acclaimed shows on romance. The couple completely disillusioned with the idea of love but somehow they rely on hope.

These shows are an amazing take on the today’s concept of modern dating and being a today’s youth, you should watch these shows.

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