Did You Listen to Piyush Mishra’s Latest Poem ‘Tum Meri Jaan Ho Raziya Bee’

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“Insaan khud ki nazar mein sahi hona chahiye, Duniya toh bhagwan se bhi dhukhi hai”_ Piyush Mishra

Piyush Mishra is just not a name but a profound name in the Indian film industry. He is best in everything from writing, singing, playing music to acting. The words written by him are relatable and hold the mystic beauty. From the day I read the writing and saw the acting of this legendary theatre genius I have become his fan for a lifetime. Bollywood literally needs to thank him a lot. “Arey ruk ja re bande” from Black Friday is one of the favorite song liked by most of the people.


“Gussa aadmi se bhut kuch karwata hai, aur yeh jo love hai na love? yeh sirf marwata hai” such verses by him show that he has a deep understanding of life.

Well, recently at the Great Indian Film and Literature Festival’s Raipur chapter on stage he himself presented his latest poem named ‘Tum Meri Jaan Ho Raziya Bee’. In a 20 Minute Video, in his poem he expresses how he met Raziya Bee and journey after that.

Watch out the video below:

In the last, I just want to Thankyou sir, for everything.

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