9 Banned Indian Films That Garnered Applaud In Abroad

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These films deserved to be watched!

Howdy folks!
Fifty Shades Freed is about to release this month and we are excited! No! Oh my mistake, I forgot, we can’t be excited as we can’t see the film. For uninitiated let me tell you it is the third in the series of Fifty Shades Of Grey, the film which is too sensuous that we Indian can’t watch it. It is banned in India.
However, there is nothing to feel bad about it, as there are so many Indian movies that too are banned in India. Yes, you read it right. There are Indian movies that are banned to be watched in India due to their sensitive subjects or broad subjects. CBFC didn’t find these films suitable for Indian audience and hence got banned. Though, these films were highly appreciated in the overseas. Abroad loved these films and a few of these also awarded at the International Film Festivals. So, if you do not know which are these films, then have a look below.

#1 Water:

This is Deepa Mehta directorial film about the predicament of Hindu widows in Banaras. The film showed the how humanity is violated in the name of custom. So, to be banned in India was obvious but the film was lauded in the overseas.

#2 Paanch:

The film showcases the untold reality of drug addiction in youth in India. The censor board didn’t pass the film due to having drug abuse etc. It was banned in India but highly appreciated in Filmfest Hamburg, Asian’s Cinefan Festival of Asian and on other platforms.

#3 Chhatrak:

Vimukti Jayasundara directorial film saw the opposition for having explicit nudity. But the film was lauded in 2011 Cannes Film Festival, the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival, and the Pacific Meridian film festival.

#4 Unfreedom:

CBFC banned the film as the film holds the sensitive issue of an Islamic fundamentalist kidnapping an Islamic liberal in New York, then kidnapped a lesbian in Delhi and her bi-sexual lover.  America, Portland Film Fest, and Chelsea Film Festival appreciated the film.

#5 Gandu:

This is another Bengali film that got banned by Censor Board due to its subject of unambiguous sexual scenes. Yale University and the audience there liked the film.

#6 Parzania:

CBFC thought that the statewide riots showed in the film were too provocative to be shown. Hence the film got banned but premiered at 36th India International Film Festival in 2005 and garnered so much appreciation.

#7 Black Friday:

Black Friday, the film based on 1993 Mumbai Bomb Blasts and has not the right to be released in India. However, it won the Grand Jury prize at the Indian Film Festival, Los Angeles and nominated for Best Film at the Locarno International Film Festival.

#8 Bandit Queen:

The film shows the real story of bandit queen Fulan Devi. It was banned in India but got praised in Cannes, 1994. Then CBFC cut a few scenes from the film and released in India.

#9 Lipstick under my Burkha:

The film won the Spirit of Asia Prize and the Oxfam Award for Best Film on Gender Equality. But sadly banned in India as the film deals with Indian women’s effort to break society’s norms.
Time has changed, we are calling ourselves progressive but where does it go when it comes to watching it on the screen? Why didn’t these films get a release in India? These films show a mirror to the wrongs prevailed in society and I think they deserved to be seen.
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