Do You Know About India’s First-Ever Women’s Ice Hockey Team?

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A road trip to Leh & Ladakh with friends!! This is the one thing that always remains on the bucket list of any individual. The place is famous all around the world for its natural beauty and diverse culture. Well, apart from its beauty, this time Leh is in the news for a totally different reason. In our country, though Hockey is the National game, it is not much famous among the citizens or in other words it is not given much importance.

Now, let me tell you a happy news. India has its first-ever women’s ice hockey team from Leh. A group of 25 girls between 15 to 30, have already participated in two international tournaments. While we all wondering if such team exist, these girls have put India on the international ice hockey map.


Financial hardships, old equipment, and family pressure – these girls fought it all and today, stand learning the ropes from experts – Hayley Wickenheiser (a four-time Olympic gold medalist from Canada).

Both the international tournaments were crowdfunded. Though these girls didn’t win every match, they did make us all proud and achieved accolades from everyone. In the first tournament, goalkeeper Noorjahan won the best player while the team won two matches in the second tournament.


The journey of these girls has been long from personally building the ice hockey rink to being trained by Wickenheiser. As most of the girls are young they have a long journey to travel. They have bigger hopes with this sport of India as an athlete and we wish them luck that all there hopes come out true.

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