Have You Guys Met ‘Pad Wali Dadi’ From Surat?

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Akshay Kumar starrer movie Padman got a release this Friday. The story plot of the film is boldly talking and informing citizens about sanitary napkins and menstrual hygiene. As we live in a society where people often remain tight-lipped about mensuration. With Padman cast and all others doing #Padmanchallenge, an elderly couple from Surat are doing their bit with their extraordinary move.

They are distributing hygiene kits and sanitary napkins to girls in schools. 62-year-old Meena Mehta, popularly known as ‘Pad wali Dadi’ along with her husband Atul Mehta started this initiative in 2012, as reported by NDTV.


Talking about mensuration in public and making people aware about is one thing and helping girls with personal hygiene and issues related to period is another.

The lady distributes a kit named “MAGICAL KIT” to every girl which contains a sanitary napkin pack, soap, one set of undergarments, and four shampoo packets per month. She got her inspiration from Sudha Murthy, who back in 2004 distributed sanitary napkins to women in tsunami-affected areas.


Other than girls the generous lady also distributes these kits to women in her neighborhood — like housemaids, vegetable sellers, daughters of the building watchmen, etc. She also makes sure that she delivers these kits to each student herself. Meena also received an award of 8 lakh rupees from HDFC Bank and used it to open a trust named Manuni Foundation in 2017.

“You can ‘adopt’ five girls each and provide them with sanitary napkins and hygiene education,” she said.

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