India Is A Land Of Desserts And These 10 Sweets Are A Perfect Example

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“Welcome to the land of sweets”

Despite the huge culture/tradition, and languages, India is the land of the sweet tooth. We Indians are really affected by sweets like to start a new thing we often nod to ‘kuch mitha ho jaye.’

Every state, every region of India has its own form of sweets, its own deserts depending on its tradition and culture which make the whole nation as the land of sweets.

So, here are the 10 popular sweet dishes from across the India that proves India is the land of sweets:

1. Malpua 


A little pancake shaped delight, Malpua is also served to the Lord Jagannath.

2. Chhena Poda


Chhena Poda is made from fresh cheese, the dish is flavoured with sugar, cashew nuts and raisins and baked for hours till it is ready to serve.

3. Imarti


Imarti is made with Urad Dal and saffron and dipped in sugar syrup, thus enriching the juicy experience.

4. Langcha


Made from Khoya and flour, Langcha is dipped in sugar syrups, making it a juicy delight.

5. Shufta


Shufta is cooked up with dry fruits, sugar, saffron with cinnamon and pepper for flavours.

6. Dilkhushal


A little chewy in texture and served with fry fruits, this will get you hooked.

7. Ghewar


A traditional Rajasthani dish, Ghewar comes in rich varieties such as Mawa and Malai Ghewar.

8. Shahi Tukda


An ancient Mughalai dish rich in flavour and calories, Shahi Tukda is made up of white bread fried in Ghee.

9. Mishti Doi


Thickened milk sweetened with sugar, allowed to ferment overnight, Mishti Doi is a delight to have.

10. Bebinca


A cake with layers of eggs and flour among other flavours, Bebinca can also be treated to with ice cream.

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