Types Of Pakoras You Can Make To Stay Ahead In The Employment Race

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Recently our hon’ble Prime Minister said that if youth wants to be employed they can start selling pakoras. Not a bad idea! In fact, it’s better than being unemployed. Even our Prime Minister was once a tea seller. So one can do anything instead of being unemployed!

I was doing my research and found that one can easily earn 300-700 rs selling pakoras. That boils down to around 30,000 rs monthly. Not a bad amount!

So here, I am presenting a list of pakoras that youth can sell to earn some good money and have some fun. Because everyone just love pakoras, and in every season, whether it’s rains or winter! Team them up with tea and your day is made.

So here we go!

Bread Pakora


Bread pakora is a modern form of Pakora probably invented some time after breads were introduced in India!

Palak Pakora


Palak is iron rich and what’s better than that when it goes down your belly with delicious pakoras!

Onion Pakoda


Some people are mad after onions and a pakora will make them go weak at their knees!

Potato Pakora


Nothing in complete in India without potatoes, even a potato is not complete.

Moong Pakoda (Mangoda)


I guess nothing beats this. It’s the best form of pakoda.

Chilli Pakoda


For the chilli lovers, nothing comes between them and chilli.

Paneer Pakoda


This is my favourite, wherever I go, I order paneer pakoras. What’s your favourite?

Bhindi Pakora


A rare form of pakoras, not much in vogue but loved by many.

Gobhi Pakora


And that’s one more!

Soyabean Pakora


Soyabean is rich in proteins and makes for a delicious treat. And Soyabean pakora is something unique, something different!

So you can open your pakora shop or simply start selling pakoras at a thela and a stable income is guaranteed.

Why sit idle? Make sure you sell tea also with pakoras. That makes for a deadly combination.

Do you like the idea or do you think I have made a weird statement? Let me know at saurabh@pepperfeed.in

Happy Selling!


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