Do You Know Why Pakistan Bans Padman?

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“It’s A Game Of Tradition”

Still in the 21st century talking about the mensuration is called as taboo over religion and tradition. But, is it really about tradition?

No! tradition never stops you to think about women’s hygiene and but its the mindset. Padman starring Akshay Kumar, which deals the issue of menstrual hygiene, has been banned in Pakistan.


According to The Indian Express,

“The film, which revolves around the struggle of social activist Arunachalam Muruganantham to introduce low-cost sanitary napkins, was not cleared by Pakistan’s Federal Censor Board. Apparently, the members of the panel felt ‘taboo’ subjects like menstruation cannot be allowed on screen in Pakistan.”


FCB member Ishaq Ahmed said,

“We can’t allow our film distributors to import films which are against our traditions and culture. We can’t allow the screening of films on taboo subjects in our cinemas as it is not in our culture, society or even religion.”


Well-known Pakistani filmmaker Syed Noor said that there was a need to speak to the local film distributors and exhibitors about the films they import from other countries. “Not only this film PadMan but I think even Padmaavat should not have been released in Pakistan as it portrays Muslims in a very negative light,” Noor further added.

However, the member of the Punjab Film Censor Board outright refused to watch the film also.

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