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“Language Does Not Make One An Elite”

Whenever we talk about the most talented and versatile actor who hasn’t given up his complete sincerity especially in his interviews over the years is none other than Irrfan Khan.

Exhibiting a flawless scope of exhibitions, Irrfan has over and over given us significant characters, every one more special than the other not only this his words are magic too.

Here’s are the 10 powerful quotes from Irrfan Khan that shows he is an incredibly talented actor:


1. “I’ve never looked to create an image where people fall in love with my face or style. It does cross my mind. But I’ve been trying to create a space for myself where I don’t depend on that.”

2. “The day I become conventional, something inside me will die.”

3. “When you are young you are fascinated by so many things. Some things drop, some stay. I can be without anything but I cannot be without nature.”


4. “Izzat aur zillat aap ke haath mein nahin hai.”

5. “Wanting fame is a disease and one day I will want to be free from this disease, from this desire. Where fame doesn’t matter. Where just experiencing life and being okay with it is enough.”

6. “Every time. We have a youth audience. It’s not Hollywood where a 50-year-old is playing the lead character. So the effort is to look younger, which sometimes is not at all enjoyable. People look at an actor and say that he doesn’t look what he’s pretending to be. I hope it changes. I hope people can play their own age.”


7. “People like to see my work, not face.”

8. “My mother feels important when people bring her garlands. But if she came to know I’m working with an injured ankle, she would have a fit. She’d start scolding me. She’s happy, but her desire, her greatest desire would still be for me to go back to Jaipur and do a normal job like a teacher.”

9. “I’m not a very talkative man, and people are threatened by silence. If you’re sitting in a group and you’re not saying anything, people start getting insecure. They start thinking, he’s a snob. Or, he’s thinking something negative about me. Silence brings out your devils.”


10. “It pains me when a film actor or a cricketer is a youth icon. I don’t have anything against them. They are great entertainers; they are useful to the society. They contribute to people’s lives. But they are not heroes.”

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