Not Only Drinking Beer, Indian Women Do These Things Also

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Get ready to accept the hard truths!

Hey folks!
For a few days back, Goa CM has put forward his concern over Girls drinking beer. His concern can be genuine but don’t you think guys, he got quite late in waking up with such stress? Girls have not been drinking beer or any other hard drink just lately, actually, it’s been about many-many years. Then where was he? However, it’s his thinking and we can’t help it.
In case, if you are the one who too gets shocked to know about girls consuming alcohol in India then there are many more things that can completely shock you. Indian women have been doing many things that can raise your brows. If you are unaware of these things? Then scroll down to know more.

Here are the things Indian Women do that can shock many:

#1 Indian women party in the club

In India people assume, women don’t party, they don’t go club, they don’t hang out with boys! But why? Why these assumptions are so obvious! Women party and even harder than boys.

#2 Indian women drink whiskey also

Yes, not only beer, they drink whiskey, vodka, and other hard beverages too. Boys need to open their mind to accept the fact.

#3 Indian women smoke too

Though, smoking is injurious to health but equally to men. If it affects women, then men too. So, one shouldn’t raise their brows over it.

#4 Indian women reject ‘the shadi proposal’

Why only boys have the rights to say No to a rishta. Women can also and now Indian women reject the shadi proposal too.

#5 Indian women continue working even after getting hitched

Working after marriage is like hullabaloo in Indian society only for women. But, Indian women are now working even without wearing the mark of being married.

#6 Indian women drive

Yes, Indian women drive and quite comfortably. Driving is no more a big thing for women in India.

#7 Indian women enjoy food prepared by their husbands

They go against all the Indian values and sometimes enjoy food cooked by their men.

#8 Indian women abuse too

Today, Indian Women are not limited only to Joker, Idiot like bad words to express their anger. They abuse and sometimes really bad.

#9 Indian women flaunt their bodies

They love to flaunt their sexy body. There is no more no-no to wear shorts and dresses.

#10 Indian women take the first step in relationship


Days are gone when Indian Women didn’t take the first step in the relationship. Today, from expressing their love to the first kiss, she does everything before men.

#11 They speak their mind loudly

Whispering! What’s that! Indian Women now know how to put their voice and quite loudly.
Have your mind blown away? But these are the truths. Indian Women have finally begun doing all these things that they should have started doing a long ago.
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