Weird Names Of This Meghalaya Village Will Make You Go LOL

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Hello Readers! Have you ever imagined how someone can call you if you don’t have any name? The name is very important when a child takes a breath in this world, his/her name give them a particular identity.

But, in Meghalaya’s village people have some strange yet weird names such as Italy, Argentina, Sweden, and Indonesia. Well, if this is not enough to make you laugh then their people have names like Promiseland, Holyland, Jerusalem, Tripura and Goa.


According to the report,

“Umniuh-Tmar Elaka’s elected chief Premiere Singh, about 50% of the villagers have a fondness for English words that are synonyms of ‘good’ but do not necessarily understand what they mean. He says that you could also find Khasi names like Tuesday and Sunday in the village. But if you think that was good, wait till you read this.”

Names like Promiseland, Holyland, Jerusalem, Tripura, Goa are some of the common names of the region.

As per the Elaka elected chief, (Sirdar) Premiere Singh told PTI, “Many Khasi names have the potential to make you smile but finding hundreds of such names in a small village will result in people guffawing for hours.”


He said about 50 percent of the villagers have a fondness for English words that rhymes well but not knowing exactly what they mean. Not all people in the village were as smart or as educated and hence you will also find that days of the week become good names Thursday, Sunday, the chief said.

However, one of the best names in the village is that of a 30-year-old, whose mother ‘Sweater’ had named him ‘I Have Been Delivered’.

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