Make Your First Kiss Successful With These Tried And Tested Tips

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Let The First Kiss Always Be The Special

Hey readers!
How was your Valentine? Did you find your love? Did you kiss your love? Did you make the day memorable for your love? I’m sure the lovers didn’t leave any stone unturned to make the day more special for their love.
But what about the ones who are still in the queue of waiting to feel their first kiss! For all the beginners who do not know how to kiss their partner perfectly for the first time, here are a few tips that will make the first kiss terrifyingly exciting for them. As the first kiss is a big deal and it has to be cracked perfectly. The basic knowledge and understanding are crucial, so scroll down to know the tips.

So, Here Are The Tips That Will Make Your First Kiss Successful:

#1 Hygiene matters the most

Though sometimes it’s not pre-decided that you are going to kiss someone, if you see any possibility, be quick to clean yourself. Brush your teeth and pop a couple breath mints.

#2 Allow the flow


Don’t make yourself look like eager to kiss the person. Allow the flow and don’t force it. Your first kiss shouldn’t be something that you planned meticulously.

#3 Eye contact should be there

If you ask me, I would say the Eye contact between the partners is immensely important. As it is said, eyes are the door to the heart, so make the strong and unbreakable eye contact before kissing the person to confirm their wish.

#4 Give signals before kiss

Sometimes signals play the right card. Be flirty, touch them playfully while talking, hug them, set the situation, and here you are all set to show your love.

#5 Observe the body language

It is important to pay attention to the other person’s wish to kiss you. Their body language can be the medium to express their feeling. If they avoid eye contact with you, then it means the person isn’t ready.

#6 Make slow moves

Don’t rush towards the person to kiss. If you want to go in for a kiss, first move closer to them and make sure you stand close to them, so that the kiss go smooth.

#7 Aim the one lip

After moving closer to the person, slightly tilt your head, part your lips and then aim for one of their lips (usually the bottom one).

#8 Feel free to use your hand

Your hands can bring more magic to your first kiss. So, feel free to use your hands. Hold their hand, touch their face, or hold onto their arms or waist.
Guys and girls! This is how you can kiss someone with all the tadka of perfection. Enjoy the first kiss. It is always the most exciting. So, don’t overthink it. Remember to relax and feel it.
Thanks for reading. Stay tuned with us…

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