Good News: Now The Victims Of Acid Attack Will Get Free Treatment In Delhi

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An admirable step indeed!

Victims of road accidents, fire incidents and acid attacks in Delhi will now get free treatment at the private hospital. The Delhi government has issued guidelines for cashless treatment of medico-legal cases involving the following cases.

According to the Health Minister Satyendar Jain said, “the government would bear the cost in such cases. The survivor will not be required to carry any document for verification and eligibility. Only two factors will be considered — the incident has happened in Delhi and within the jurisdiction of Delhi Police.”

“Most of the time, people who help accident victims rush them to the nearest government hospital and not the one that is closest to the accident spot,” Jain said.

The dynamic move is gone for urging individuals to take casualties instantly to a closest healing facility to spare the casualties’ life, regardless of whether it is a private clinic.


According to the guidelines, “the survivor will not be required to carry any document for verification and eligibility. Also, no hospital can refuse treatment to such patients due to any reason. The medical facilities treating the victims will be reimbursed through ‘Delhi Arogya Kosh’.”

After the treatment, it would be obligatory for the doctor’s facility to give a duplicate of the bill demonstrating 100% markdown.


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