This Humorous Take On The Life Of A Common Man Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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The life of a common man in India has always been tough. Or funny, shall we say? The common man has been a witness to the weird things that go in the country and yet he is unable to react. Probably because that’s outside his power and control. The only thing a common man can do is – sit down and watch as things go by. 

But the choice is his. He can either sit down and get sad, or get up and laugh at the weird stuff that’s happening around. Let’s have a look at the strange things that a common man has to witness everyday!

1. Scams happening every day


While a common man is struggling with inflation, corruption, pollution and other regular stuff, the industrialists of the country are running away with tens and thousands crores of money, making a common man just say ‘what the hell.’

2. Every government coming out the same


While the government keeps changing, there’s no change in the fate of common man. The common man votes in the hope that something good will come out of the next government, but all it gets is the same bread and butter.

3. Having no say in the government policies


The common man has literally no say in the government policies and all the common man can do is sit down and wait for the next policy. Because nobody cares for a common man, right?

4. Being exploited all the time


The common man is exploited all the time by judiciary, police and administration. Because the common man is powerless and resource-less. So, everyone can just come and exploit the common man who has no say!

5. Dwindling Jobs


With the economy going down, the jobs are dwindling and the common man is left with no option except that to sell Pakoda! Hail common man…the absorber of every misfortune!

6. Endless Paperwork


Wherever common man goes, there’s issue of endless paperwork, filing, documentation and stuff…while for the VIP? Every work is just a calla way.

7. Defenseless Against Crime


With the lethargic police controlling the country, the common man is left to defend for himself. And he’s doing quite a good job, right?

8. Over-population


Billions of people in India and the resources is limited. Still the common man is surviving. Miracle?

And the common man is happy. The common man has learned to take everything under their stride and keep on moving whatever the issue is. Because the common man is super strong, come what may.

It’s tough being a common man but nothing can beat the resilience of the common man!



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