5 Signs Cardiac Arrest Is Approaching And You Should Be Cautious

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Everyone Must Know What Cardiac Arrest Is!

Saturday night came with an extremely sad news of the demise of a legendary actress of Bollywood and heartbeat of millions, Sridevi. It is quite hard to believe that the actress who was known for her divine beauty, talented work, extraordinary acting skills, down to earth nature could have died so early leaving everyone teary eyed. The actress passed away on Saturday night in Dubai where she went to attend a Mohit Marwar’s marriage. She was along with her husband Boney Kapoor and younger daughter Khushi Kapoor.

Last picture of late Sridevi with her daughter

Cause of her death:

Sridevi had been living a healthy life until a sudden cardiac arrest took her life away. Cardiac arrest struck her after she left the marriage function. The actress’s sudden death has created panic among everyone as it is now concerning that even a healthy person without any complaint of a heart problem can also suffer a cardiac arrest. A person without any history of a heart condition could still suffer a cardiac arrest due to blockage in their arteries.
Now, it has become necessary to get aware what cardiac arrest is and what are its symptoms that no one must ignore.

What cardiac arrest is!


It is a serious cardiac event that is confused with heart attack often but it is never be confused with a heart attack. Both the events are different. It is a sudden loss of blood flow that results in the failure of the heart to effectively pump causes even the death.

How is it different from the heart attack?


In a heart attack, the heart loses the ability to pump partially. On the other hand, in cardiac arrest, the heart loses the ability to pump completely. Cardiac arrest is more perilous than a heart attack as it strikes immediately without any prior warning.

In a heart attack, a person could survive from a few minutes to a few hours but it is not in the case of cardiac arrest. A person within a second might lost his life. In short, a cardiac arrest doesn’t give a person time to reach even hospital.

Symptoms of cardiac arrest


Though cardiac arrest gives no prior signs that can help a person to understand the condition and take action accordingly. But if a person shows the below-mentioned symptoms, then make it hurry to take him to the hospital.

1. If a person slumps over or falls.

2. When it becomes difficult to find a pulse.

3. The heart stops beating.

4. The suffering person looses the sign of breathing.

5. When the person shows the signs of loss of consciousness and won’t be able to arouse.

What does such condition demand?


If anyone around you shows the symptoms of cardiac arrest, you need to call the ambulance as soon as possible. Meanwhile waiting for the ambulance, the person suffering from cardiac arrest should be given cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is the process of hard pressing the chest with hands with the speed of 120 compressions per minute.

Some simple steps should be followed by everyone to have a healthy heart.


#1 Get a regular heart check-up especially when there is a history of heart problem.

#2 Focus on a Nutritious and balanced diet.

#3 A healthy weight should be maintained.

#4 Exercise daily.

#5 Say no to smoking and excessive intake of alcoholic drinks.

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