Afraid of Failure? These Quotes Will Give You Power To Fight

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One needs only courage to win

Everyone must be agreed with Instagram being the one platform where one can find the pages of fashion, food, travel, quotes on love, life, success, motivation and what not! There are thousands of pages on Instagram that motivates a person to deal with the life. There are so many poets on this platform who are encouraging the users to chase their dreams, fight with odds through their poems and quotes.

Among the poets on Instagram, there is one poet named Morgan Harpes Nicholas who shares her poems and quotes on life’s biggest fear – Failure. Her quotes on failure give the strength to face and challenge the hurdles of lives. Nicholas’ tales stress on ‘you’re your own hero’ which everyone is trying to showcase these days. Nicholas quotes are little packets of motivation that we need to have a look at least once.

So, read the quotes of Morgan Harpes Nicholas:

#1 Never afraid of darkness, as when the night gets darker, one will shine brighter.

Tag a friend who is a survivor, an overcomer, and rising up stronger than she’s ever been. 💫 My heart was broken over what this woman has been through as I read her story via DM. I had randomly clicked on her name, read it, and then I actually sat for a while to figure out what I could even say. Sometimes words come right away, sometimes, they take awhile. This is what I wrote and sent to her. This coming week will be hard for her, but I hoped to remind her: she has made it so far, and through her passion to write her voice can help others. Leave a 🖤 below if you’d like in-the-moment words like this written with you in mind. I don’t plan these out. I literally just randomly select names and begin to write. I started doing this last year because I realized that I write 8,000-10,000 words a day, and instead of waiting to put them all into books or other projects, I figured: why not just write them in real-time for people who might need a little encouragement? Thanks for all who have been a part of this project already. And if by chance you saw that I opened your DM or I told you I was working on one for you, please know that your poem is a tab open in my brain and I haven’t closed it yet. I REALLY get into the stories people send me and some poems just take a little longer to write! Thanks for your patience. Also, two things: 1. if there’s a certain word you’d like a poem / quote on, just let me know in the comments. 2. If you’d like to have something written for a friend, comment a 🖤, but also DM me their name or initials! – Morgan 🎈 oh and thanks for all the birthday love on yesterday (February 4th)! I was overwhelmed with the love. Trying to respond to as many people as possible. Thank you!!!

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#2 Sometimes it’s okay to surrender.

Even though you do not know how much more of this you can take, the mere fact you made it this far means that after everything, you have grown day by day. And it has been hard, but your very existence is proof that even in the worst of it, new life is still possible. Not easy, but possible, and by this glorious unmerited favor called grace, deep within this valley, you will still be okay. —Morgan Harper Nichols ⠀ Make the time to take the time to read the book, to take a walk, to allow yourself the time to find a brand new song to sing. Whatever it is, do the little things. Do them over and over knowing that one day, you will wake up and look back and see within those little things growth and change was always happening because you made the time to realize and believe: slowing down and taking the time is everything. —Morgan Harper Nichols ⠀ Though it is hard to try to make sense of everything you lost and all the things you missed, the beautiful thing is, you don’t have to. You can focus on this new day that has just been given to you, and rest in sweet assurance that even in the little things Light is still pouring through. —Morgan Harper Nichols ⠀ __ These are the three poems I wrote this morning from a message that I sent to someone who DM’d me in need of a little encouragement this morning. If you happen to read all three I’d love to know which which line resonates with you the most (this helps me know how to write a poem for you!) and leave a ♥️ below if you could use a little encouragement today! And send a ♥️ via DM if you want to share your story or if it’s for a friend. Just like I randomly selected this person to write something for, I randomly select people who leave comments here as well! Every single day, in real time, in your inbox. Then, I share a few of them here, 100% anonymously. This is how I write almost all of my poetry, prose, stories, and songs. Thank you so much for being a part of the process. -Morgan

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#3 Let the world knows your story.

#4 Recognize the value of your success, the place where you’ve reached.

Starting today, I’ll post some of the words I’ve written to others every day at 7 a.m. PST! So if you need a little encouragement, know that you can find them here in this space at that time. Feel free to screenshot anything you see. You can repost them or send them to friends if you like. You can write them out or make art for personal use out of them (these are commonly ask questions!) 🖤➕ And most importantly, you can request FREE custom words in your inbox too! Just leave a heart emoji below. Everyday, I randomly select people from comments and DMs to write something for, then, I share it here anonymously. 🖤➕ Also, if there’s a certain word you would like to have something written around, just let me know below! — @morganharpernichols Congrats to @kathleengraceharper @abigail0999 @nozi_nolz @amymuniz @olearymeg @lissfore @angie1274 who commented on yesterday’s post! You’ll have words coming your way today!

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# 5 Always wear your strongest posture.

you may not be able to bury your hardest times, forgetting that they happened, or change them down the line, but because those times were hard they’ll endure the moments when you realize you are strong enough to stand on top of them. so wear your strongest posture now and see your hardest times as more than just time times you fell, but a range of mountains you learned to climb. —Morgan Harper Nichols : Tag a woman who has climbed mountains. Leave a 🖤 below in-the-moment words like this in your inbox! Everyday, I select a few to write back to! : Also, leave a comment if there is a line from something already written that stood out to you! When people tell me their favorite lines, I like to write back with handwritten versions. : #poetrycommunity #wellnessweekend #quoteoftheday #writerssoul #writersmind #saturdaymood

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#6 Believe in yourself. You don’t need anything to make you believe.

When you cannot see yourself in the future and you can’t imagine how something beautiful can come your way, you will still be okay. Even before everything falls into place. Start with today. Start with how to see yourself today. Start in the margins of this very minute…for within it, there are dozens of seconds you did not plan for but, you have already lived. You have effortlessly collapsed in and out of them, and already loss track of them, like a billion endless bright stars in the dead of night, you cannot count every second, but they are all a part of your life, as countless stars are suspended in the sky. Even when you have no idea what could possibly be down the road and you have absolutely no idea how the rest of this year will go, you still have this second, and just like that, you’re already on to the next one. So keep going, just like that. Things are not perfect, but you are moving right along. Sincerely, @morganharpernichols : Everything here was created today. The new poems were written a few hours ago. Everyday, I randomly select people who leave a heart emoji below to write something for. If you’d like a poem or quote, just let me know! If it’s for a friend, DM me. The reason why I do this is because I have always written *for* someone, but since October 2017, I have started to sharing that process in real-time via social media. It means the world that anyone would even be a part of this. And thank you! And remember, if you’d like to start a projectile this, please please please! I am hoping this kind of thing can go beyond just what I’m doing. There are so many talented creators with hearts for others. I’m excited about the possibilities! : Also, if you have a favorite from the graphics would you let me know below? It will help me know what you may like when I write something for you! The very last photo is @sophieconnart who printed out that quote to the right to share alongside her photos. Thank you Sophie! 🖤➕

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#7 Allow the bravery in you to raise its head.

#8 Let the scars inked on you, it will describe your win.

A few things! 1. My mailing list is back! If you would like a simple, encouraging email sitting in your inbox in the morning, click on the link in my bio! ⠀ ⠀ 2. Also, you will see on my site that I am in the process of categorizing all of my poetry, quotes, illustrations by topic. The options can’t be clicked on yet, but I went ahead and made them public so you could see the vision! ⠀ ⠀ 3. As always, the above words were written for someone who commented a 🖤 to have something written for their friend. I randomly selected her name and wrote it in real-time in her inbox. It is also inspired by my song Storyteller released to radio back in 2015. ⠀ ⠀ 4. Leave a comment below with a heart emoji if you would also like a poem in real time, in your inbox. Also, if there is one word you’d like the poem to have, comment that word too! ⠀ ⠀ 5. Also, I’m going to try something new…I will select a few people as always, but I’m going to try and write something encouraging right in the comments as well, and then, send the longer poem version via inbox. I have found that lately, I have been doing this by accident when responding to comments so, I figured I’d give it a shot while being conscious of it, if that makes sense. *sigh* welcome to my mind that is always spinning. Thanks for being here 😌🖤➕ – Morgan

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#9 You need to wait until you reach the end.

Leave a comment with a 🖤below. I will pick a few random people to write a mini personalized quote, just for today. 🙂 ⠀ Remember the mountains and valleys that brought you here. Remember the things you never thought you would accomplish, but did. You may have a long way to go, but may you never discredit how far you have come. May you never forget you are still on a journey. May you always remember this endless, boundless grace that continues to find you over and over again. —Morgan Harper Nichols ⠀ ___ I wrote and sent these words to the one leaving a relationship and she is unsure of what this next year will look like in regards to school. I share this here for anyone else dealing with heartbreak and uncertainty right now. Dear friend, you are not alone.

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#10 Realize there is a freedom for you which still want better things.

Come running through the forest of these thoughts and collapse into the clearing of grace. Run through the wilderness of who and what did not want you and realize there is freedom for you to still want better things. It is okay to dream better dreams. Even if what you lost seemed to be everything. Because the truth is, you were always made for more. You were always made to carry on through the worst of things, gathering all the strength you would need to be who you are today. Even when you were hurt along the way. Even when you felt like a prisoner in your very own mind, by grace, you survived and you still have permission to roam free. Roam free into the clearing. Catch your breath. Fall. Rest. Begin again. You are allowed to do that. You are allowed to want more than these current feelings and out in the clearing, you are allowed to find healing. —Morgan Harper Nichols ⠀ I first wrote and sent these words via DM this morning to someone who left a ♥️ on a previous post and I share it here for anyone else who was feeling the same things today. ⠀ __ This quote is a free printable on my site now. Link in the bio! Click “free printable wall art” on the front page. Also, leave a ♥️ below for one-of-a-kind words like this ➕ also please let me know if you had ideas which quotes I should make free printables out of! I know it takes me awhile to get through everyone’s messages, but please do know comments and messages are all day, if you’d like a poem. I am so grateful for this platform and being able to create in this way. I doubt doing this will ever grow old to me and it’s honor that you’re a part of this too. It is such a blessing. I am so grateful. —Morgan

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#11 Always look for that ray of hope which will take you to your destination

Dear D, Thank you for messaging me. My heart was heavy as I read your words today and I cannot fathom the weight that you have had to carry at such a young age. Your strength is a quality that I know did not come from an easy place, but an honest place within your soul, because at such a young age, your heart has endured so much. I hope tomorrow morning when you wake up, you will see the Light in everything. And not only in the sunrise, but in the places that are harder to find, like in the hallways where you are certain you are only passing time, and the gritty gold dust that floats between the floor and the blinds, and every little thing that catches your eye, I hope tomorrow morning when you wake up, you will see the Light in everything. — These words just came to me as I began writing back to you, and I hope they resonate with you and where you are right now. I hope that even in the moments where everything feels all but certain you can cling to the beautiful truth that you are guided, you are seen, and by grace you will make it through all of these things. Thanks again for sharing that with me. Sincerely, Morgan Harper Nichols // A message sent via DM early today. If you’d like for me to write something for you, just send a message that tells me a little of your story or where you are right now in life. I try to write and send out as many as I can each day, and I share about 10-20% of them here. Always anonymous. 🖤

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Whenever you’re feeling like losing something small or big in the life, you need not be panicked, calm your soul, believe in you, and start walking on the path winning the world. In this journey to make the success your friend, these quotes will help. So stay motivated.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned with us…

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