Why Sridevi Was My Favorite Heroine During My Growing Up Years

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When I was growing up during 90s, Sridevi was a rage!

As soon as I started understanding things, my sister took me a nearby cinema hall and made me watch Mr. India, a movie I thoroughly enjoyed.

Besides the acting of Anil Kapoor and numerous kids in the movie, what I liked most was the intense and funny acting by Sridevi.

Also, no one can forget the acting of Calendar! So, that’s how I was introduced to Sridevi. Later, I almost watched all her movies including Chandani, Lamhe, Sadma etc. I was in awe of her all the time, to be precise.

Now let me tell you what I like most about Sridevi. Besides her beauty and innocent looks, what I liked most about her was her variation in acting and her ability to hold the audience. Indeed, she was a complete package with her looks and acting!

These are some of the movies which current generation must watch to get an idea about Sridevi.

Mr. India


The bubbly and funny Sridevi made everyone sit in rapt attention and watch her.



A movie based in Rajasthan, Lamhe talks about love in a Royal family.



A must watch, I guess this is the best movie of Sridevi.

English Vinglish

A humorous movie that talks about how much English is important in India.



Sridevi played the role of a clever woman, but in a good way.



Played the role of a greedy woman, but the woman who eventually realized her mistake.

Khuda Gawah


Shot in Afghanistan, this movie was a super-hit with masses.

There are even more movies but I love these movies as my personal choice. In all the movies, Sridevi has almost overpowered all their male co-stars with her screen presence.

Today Sridevi is no more but we surely can watch her old movies and relive the moments and, her great persona.


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