India Is All About Families And These Hilarious Illustrations Truly Prove That

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India is indeed world famous for families. When Obamas and Clintons talk about India, the first thing that come to their mind is families. Indeed, the family system in India is very strong.

But, with Indian families, come the really hilarious and ridiculous stuff that is unique to India only. You fight with your siblings and make up the next minute, your dad shouts at you and your mom comes to the rescue. You fight with everyone but when you go far off from your family, you miss them badly.

So that’s the beauty of family.

This illustrator from India, Sailesh Gopalan has really made cool illustrations that hilariously portray the reality of Indian families. Because, I guess, most of the Indian families are a circus on run! Agree?

Have a look at these funny illustrations and we are pretty sure you will be able to connect really well with the funny stuff happening!




















So, how did you find these funny cartoons? Aunties are everywhere complaining about the stuff? Uncles behaving weirdly! Girlfriends and boyfriends doing the stuff they love. The generation gap, the bickering between siblings, the patchup and the hilarious things that happen in the family, it’s all there in these illustrations, well captured and truly funny.

Did you like looking at them? Let us know about your opinions in the comments section.

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