It’s Time To Forget Nirav Modi And Meet This Shark Of Scams

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Meet One Of The Most Famous Impostors

Everyone is discussing the scams made by Mallya and Modi all over the country. There are scams being unearthed very regularly in India and hearing about a new scam in India is not new. At this time the country is once again in the discussion due to the PNB scam made by Neerav Modi. Just like Vijay Mallya, Neerav Modi has looted the country’s money and now enjoying on foreign soil.
You might have felt that no one would have fraud the country bigger than this scam, but let me tell you that Modi and Mallya are only fishes of a small pond. If you get to know about the scandals and scams of Frank Jr. Abagnale of America, then you would have lost all your senses. Frank Jr. Abagnale is such a big looter that a film has been made on him in Hollywood titled “Catch Me If You Can”.
In this film, Frank’s role has been played by Hollywood superstar Leonardo Di Caprio and by watching  Caprio in the film, you will know how fascinating the history of Frank Jr. Abagnale was. Perhaps, after watching the film, you would say that people like Kothari and Modi are like a small fish. The shark of the sea of scams is Frank Jr. Abagnale. He became one of the most famous impostors ever with having almost eight identities.

Frank Jr Abagnale:

By the age of 19-years, Frank Jr. Abagnale had licked the money of banks of almost 50 states and 26 countries of the world. Frank travelled around the world for free and did all kinds of high profile jobs and made beautiful girls, his girlfriends. It would probably be called Frank’s ability that despite knowing Frank’s deception, banks and FBI came to Frank for asking his help to stop the thefts in Banks. Frank agreed to help banks and FBI and gave his suggestions to stop the thefts but he recovered $ 500 for per session.

How Frank Jr Abagnale began his scams:

All this started in the year 1964 when Frank was only 15 years old and he carried out his fraud. Frank did his first fraud with his father’s credit card for $ 3400. After this, he started the fraud through checks.

High profile jobs of Frank:

Frank has not only looted money but also did many high profile jobs. It is said that Frank has done almost all the jobs from being a pilot to doctor, lawyer and teacher.
Now, he has become the helper of FBI and help them in tracing the thefts. Frank has also kept a company open for this work. You might be surprised to know but most of the banks in the United States and around the world are Frank’s clients.
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