These Scientific Truths About Love Can Literally Haunt Your Soul

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Scientific Claims About The Most Beautiful Feeling Of the World

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What do you think about the most beautiful, eternal, deepest affectionate feeling of the world? Is this such emotional feeling that can sum your life into a dream. People fall in love, seek love out, cherish the love, share the love as it is an expression can’t be elucidated in words. No matter how different two people are, how different language they speak, how different their culture is, how different they think, when the Cupid shoots its arrow, one gets filled with the uncontrollable desire of love.

But the science has bitter truths to tell you about the big L that will show you an entirely different, unimaginable aspect of love. Though, it is all for you to take it soberly or not, to let it affect your view towards love or not. We just wish even after knowing these scientific truths about love, you keep believing in love forever.

So, Here Are These Scientific Truths About Love That Can Haunt Your Soul:

#1. Romantic Love Lasts Only For A Year


#2. Adrenaline Is The Reason For The Feeling Of Butterflies In The Stomach


#3. Wealthier Partners Are Found More Attractive Than Less Wealthier


#4. Feeling Of Love Is A Chemical Process


#5. Love Never Fixes Anyone’s Any Problem


#6. Partners In Love Cheat Too


#7. There Is Nothing Like Finding A Perfect Partner Or Partner Of Your Dreams


#8. Thinking About Being In Love Is More Exciting And Romantic Than Actual Being In Love


#9. In Every 10 Seconds, Somewhere In The World A Divorce Is Parting The Partners


#10. Love Is Actually Boring


#11. A Breakup Or A Heartbreak Can Weaken Your Immune System


Whatever be these scientific claims about love, if you are in true love, you will not find anything like these claims in your life. There are things above than science which might be unexplained but their essence keeps intact in the life. So love your love immensely.

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