Men’s Favourite Products You Didn’t Know Were Invented by Women

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Those who don’t love to drink a chill beer? Especially I’m asking this to all men’s around the world who are reading this article. Do you guys ever think who was the genius of making this first?

Probably not! Because our science teacher only taught us about the famous inventors and geniuses who have progressed in the fields of science and technology in order to make our lives better.

However, there are some products like beer that men love a lot was the contribution of Women in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and if you’re wondering which women invented something important so scroll down to see.

Here is the list of 5 most popular products invented by women:

Wifi and GPS

Wifi was invented by Hedy Lamarr and also she invented a secret communications system in World War II.

Computer software

The computer software was invented by Dr. Grace Murray Hopper who was a computer scientist and invented COBOL also.

The life raft

It was invented by Maria Beasley in 1882. Although she saved many lives when the Titanic sank, and are used even today.


CCTV was invented by Marie Van Brittan Brown in 1969 because she wanted to help people secure their homes and businesses.


Jane Peyton, women in ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia brewed the first beers. So, always remember it is a ladies’ drink first.

There are many more female inventors out there who made invaluable contributions such as the modern refrigerator, the dishwasher, residential solar heating, the medical syringe, the car heater, invisible glass, and many more.

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