Reading These 5 Sufi Poets Will Connect You To Your Inner Soul

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What’s the difference between regular poetry and Sufi Poetry? It’s that when words form a connect with the divine, it’s Sufi.

While in the regular poetry, it’s not beyond human emotions.

So, let’s have a look at the top five most renowned Sufi poets and how they have brought more beauty to the world, through their words.

1. Rabia (801-714 CE) – Rabia Basra was a famous Sufi poet and a Muslim saint. A Sufi mystic mystic from Basra (Iraq) Rabia was born in a very poor family, so poor that her family did not have money to light the lamp! Her talent was recognized and brought to the world by Attar, another famous Sufi poet. Here’s a beautiful line by Rabia, “If I adore you for yourself alone,
do not deny to me your eternal beauty.”


2. Saadi (1210-1292 AD) – Saadi of Shiraz was a major Sufi poet during the medieval times. Born in Iraq, he was known for this depth of learning, ethics and moral. The most famous lines of Saadi are –

“You, who will not feel another’s pain,
you forfeit the right to be called human.”


3. Rumi (1207 – 1273 AD) – Rumi is the most loved Sufi poet in America. Also known as ‘the master’ Rumi’s popularity goes beyond just the Middle-East countries, making him a truly an international Sufi poet. His most famous lines are “Lovers don’t meet finally somewhere. They are in each other, all along.”


4. Hafez (1315-1390 AD) – He was the kind of poet who appreciated ‘boys with women and wine’ but also attacked religious hypocrisy. He was the most popular anti-establishment poet, which can be seen in these lines “I caught the happy virus last night, when I was out singing beneath the stars, it is remarkably contagious – So kiss me!”


5. Attar (1119 – 1220 AD) – The father of all Sufi poets, Attar discovered the talent of Rabia and made her popular among masses. His famous lines I was to offer my soul to the soul-mate. The Beloved outsmarted me; I got burnt.” talk about the pain of love.   


According to Rahul Dhekula, 35 Marketing Manager, Aquarius, Bhopal “Sufi poetry and music has had a great impact on me, since I am a great fan of Bollywood Sufi music. In fact, it has a soothing effect on me and I feel a kind of divine connect.”

Yes, because Sufi has a divine connect, it brings a kind of calmness to the soul and that’s what makes it amazingly popular.

And this is what Jainendra Joshi, 32, Independent Social Media Executive thinks, “I mostly read poetry by Rumi and it brings truth of life in a very beautiful and loving way. He’s simply my favourite Sufi poet because he inspires me in difficult times.”

Well, I personally love anything that has Sufi into it, including music poetry or spirituality. Sufism brings people together and forms a deep connect with the heart.

We at Pepperfeed believe that Sufi is love, pure love!


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