Salute These Ordinary Indian Women For Their Extraordinary Efforts

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They Are Bringing A Lot Change To The Society

“A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.”

Eleanor Roosevelt rightly quoted the woman. If a woman decides, she can achieve anything. No matter how worse the situation is, she knows how to overcome it. Not only a Nobel Prize winner can bring a change to the world, but ordinary people have the same strength to bring a revolution.

If you really desire to call a change in the society and work for the betterment of the people or the needy ones, these women’s inspiring steps will help you a lot. These are ordinary women who are doing extraordinary efforts to make a huge difference in the society. So, let’s know who are these women.

Salute These Ordinary Indian Women For Their Extraordinary Efforts:

1. Richa Singh

She is a woman behind, a website that helps people to come out from their problems such as depression. A report of WHO says, 36% of Indian population is fighting depression. She provides a platform for all who needs a help.

2. Pooja Taparia

A play changed the life of this woman and encouraged her to work for children victim of child abuse. She started an NGO ‘Arpan’ and is working to eradicate the act of child abuse.

3. Patricia Narayan

She is a woman who left her studies to get married a man who turned out to be an abusive alcoholic. Disheartened lady collected her courage, worked hard and became the catering queen. Her zeal and enthusiasm brought her to this level.

4. Pratima Devi

She is a foster mother to 300 stray dogs. Devi refers to them as her lovely kids and feeds them in every situation. Godfrey Philips Bravery Award For Social Bravery awarded her for her noble work.

5. Ria Sharma

She is a woman who initially started ‘Make Love Not Scars’ with a website where she offered a platform to the acid survivors to show their talents. Her work was applauded and now she is working to raise funds to help the acid survivors.

6. Priti Patkar

A housewife turned into an angel for the children of women working in Red Light area. She founded an NGO that is bringing a hope to the women in Red Light areas of Mumbai.

7. Shila Ghosh

She is an 89-years-old woman who is still working to make ends meet for herself and her grandchildren. Her only son died leaving his children, so the lady had to take responsibility for them. She started selling potato fries to run her home.
What a woman can do, only a woman can do! She deserves a big salute from the society not only today but every single day.
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