These IAS And IPS Women Officers Deserves Attention 365 Days A Year, Not Just On Women’s Day

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“I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.” Rebecca West, British author, and feminist

How does it feel like to be a woman in India?

Almost, half of the answer will be disappointing but there are some Indian women who made it worth living in India. Whenever women have held the position of power, there is 100% surety that they’ve excelled at it.

Not trust my words? Then we have few women in administrative services, they’re absolutely guiding by example, inspiring today’s generation and will do same for future generations. And, such women deserve attention 365 days a year, not just on women’s day.

So, scroll down to see a few women officers who’re inspiring the generation:

1. Aruna Sundararajan


1982 batch’s IAS officer, the lady behind setting up the IT department in Kerala in 1998. She also played a very important role in developing the largest e-literacy project Akshaya.

2.  B Chandrakala


The no-nonsense officer of 2008 batch from UP made her name when she chided civic officials and contractors for low-quality road construction.

3. Sanjukta Parashar


An IPS officer of the 2006 batch, is the first lady IPS officer in Assam. Not only this, she has arrested 64 criminals and seized tons of illegal arms and ammunition just under 15 months of her tenure.

4. Ritu Maheshwari


2011 batch Ritu was in charge of Kanpur Electricity Supply Co., Maheshwari where she installed new electricity meters. The officer has been fighting against the power in bureaucracy ever since.

5. Mugdha Sinha


An IAS officer of the 1999 batch, Mugdha took rampant illegal mining in Ajmer district with all the public support.

We salute these women for their bravery and boldness!

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