These Inspiring Quotes Clearly Depicts Power, Awesomeness, And Pride Of Women

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A Woman Is Like A Tea Bag, You Never Know How Strong She Is Until She Gets In Hot Water_ Eleanor Roosevelt

Women of today’s generation from taking care of her kids to managing her career doing it all single-handedly. While breaking all the stereotypes women of today molding out their own fate. Every single woman in the world has her own identity in the society. Today they are excelling in every field whether it be science & technology, politics, medical to the fashion industry and etc as well.

She doesn’t need support or shoulder of any man as she is already enough for herself. These fearless, flawless and brave women are spreading the power, beauty, awesomeness, and pride everywhere they reach out.

Today, as we are celebrating the women’s day, I have compiled the quotes that are inspiring and encouraging at the same time for all the ladies.

1. She is a drop of free water:

2. I’m the woman I need to be:

3. A warrior and an artist both:

4. Girl….always have a back up:

5. I am the woman who thinks and posses opinion:

6. My own woman:

7. Women are flawless:

Happy Women’s day to all the pretty ladies today, tomorrow and every day.

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