Do You Know Why Dhoni’s Helmet Doesn’t Have The Indian Flag?

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni for all the good and right reasons he is one among my favorite cricketer. MS Dhoni with his timely action proved that why in the span of time he became the apple of the eye of every cricket lover. From helicopter shot, sleeping on the ground to dancing for his lady love on a Bollywood song he has done all the adorable acts. In between all the right reasons for loving him today I am going to tell you another one.


But before then, let me recall you about the Sachin Tendulkar kissing his helmet after scoring a century. Do you know why he used to do it? Because the helmet had the Indian flag on it. The custom started by him was then followed by Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, Yuvraj Singh and Rohit Sharma and by others as well. But, Dhoni is not on the list as he doesn’t wear a helmet with the Indian flag on it and the reason is very well explained by a Quora user.


“So a wicketkeeper very often has to keep the helmet someplace back in the distance when he does not wear it. A National flag is a symbol of great honour and respect, so it can’t be placed on ground as the law states. That’s a true conduct, you can Google it. Hence either you don’t put the helmet with Flag on ground or don’t put the Flag on the helmet at all.
Dhoni chose the latter.” This is what he wrote.

He is also an army officer, so he must abide by this even more religiously. Cricketers, or public figures like this are Great examples to be followed by a nation. So he is just setting a good example for everyone to follow as well, the user further explained.

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