Know Who Gave The Formula Of Being Happy And How It Proved True?

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Einstein is a name which is considered to be the greatest in the world of science and there is no two opinion in it that he is not worthy of being called.
Theory of special relativity i.e., E = MC2. Einstein gave this theory in 1905 a century ago, and since then no one has ever bitten it. Many scientists tried but lost all. Einstein not only motivated us with his inventions but changed our point of view to see the time and the world through his theory. He gave us the ability to understand space and time travel.
Above all scientific inventions, Einstein had also given a formula of happiness that could change the lives of people. In this formula, we were told an important thing about life and being happy. Einstein had told the secret of being happy in his theory. The formula is quite easy but effective, in fact, the formula to be happy is a suggestion and there was a story behind it.

The formula to be happy was written in 1922:

Once Einstein was staying in a hotel Imperial, the most expensive hotel in Japan’s capital Tokyo. Einstein received a parcel from a person and the courier boy was carrying this parcel to him. When Einstein tried to give tip to the courier boy who brought that parcel, the courier boy refused to accept it. On the other hand, some people say that the courier boy had sought the tip from Einstein, but Einstein had not anything to give him, so he wrote a letter to the courier boy. It was not a common letter, the formula to be happy was written on that letter.
Einstein’s words were in the German language and it was:
Running behind success always seems uneasy. The same, life filled with calm and simplicity gives more happiness. Einstein gave a note to the courier boy and also on that note he wrote, “If luck will be with you, then this note will prove to be more valuable than any note.”

How the note proved lucky:

Even after the death, the note given by Einstein turned courier boy into a millionaire. The thing that Einstein wrote is now proven.
Nearly after 96 years, an auction was organized in which the same note was sold for more than Rs. 10 crores. The note was auctioned by a relative of that courier boy. The auction was held in Israel and was bought by someone from Europe. Einstein wrote the formula of happiness through the simplicity and wrote it on a note. If we are seen, we have already come to know this fact, but forget to implement it every time.

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