New York Times Remembered Ethereal Star Madhubala In A Special Obituary Section

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She was the inspiration, she was prettier than the moon, she is love!


Madhubala the legend, and iconic beauty of Hindi Cinema always rule the heart of not only Indians but her fan following is everywhere in this world.

New York Times, the daily has broken its 167-year-old practice of paying homage to only white men with contributing to remember the contribution of Bollywood legend Madhubala in their obituary segment called Overlooked.

Though her beauty is unmatchable till today, she died too soon at the age of 36 due to prolonged illness, she becomes the only Indian to feature among 15 obituaries of trailblazing women from across the globe.



As per the newspaper wrote,

“Since 1851, obituaries in the New York Times have been dominated by white men. Now, we are adding the stories of 15 remarkable women.”


Born with a ‘hole in her heart’

Madhubala, born with a hole in her heart but she had the courage to live life and once she describes herself as “she was so young when she entered the “maze” of the film industry — she made her debut at 9 — that she had lost herself. “When you have forgotten yourself, what can you tell people about yourself?”


The obituary also wrote her tragic romance with Dilip Kumar: 

“They had been eager to marry, but Madhubala’s father had set conditions, including that they star in movies he would produce. Kumar demanded that she choose between him and her father. She chose her family. An ugly lawsuit over another movie hastened their breakup,” the newspaper said.

NYT also tribute to Margaret Abbott, the first American woman to win an Olympic championship, writer-poet Sylvia Plath, Ada Lovelace, a gifted mathematician credited as the first computer programmer and many other.

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