Pregnant Woman Lost Her Child As Cop Chases Bike For Not Wearing A Helmet

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Daily in order to reach from one place to another, we all commute through a different mode of transport medium. While commuting we all deal with traffic rules. Right?? Well, nowadays people tend to break rules easily as who give damn to it. We have all dealt with Cutting a challan on side of the road for not wearing a helmet etc. Recently, a horrible incident took place in Thuvakudi, Tamil Nadu for not wearing a helmet which clearly depicts the insensible manner cop thinks or works.

On Wednesday, a 30-year-old woman named Usha along with her husband Raja was on a bike and she was sitting on the second seat of it. As her husband was riding the bike without a helmet, around 7 PM they both were stopped by a policemen Kamaraj at one of the plazas.


Raja didn’t listen to the cop and he continued driving. After which the cop chased them down and kicked the moving vehicle. As a result, the couple fell down on the ground, Usha suffered a critical head injury.

As the crowd started gathering at the spot, inspector Kamraj fled away from the spot. However, based on the statements of eyewitnesses, the arrest of the inspector has been ordered.


After the whole scene, the couple was taken to the hospital where Usha was declared brought dead. It is also said that the 30-year-old was pregnant but police say it can only be verified after postmortem.


A senior officer spoke to NDTV and said “She died because of the fall. The police should not have chased this way. We are investigating.”

The whole time is really hard for a man who lost his wife and unborn child too( not sure).

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