Why Is It Absolutely Fine To Choose Arts Over Devil Science?

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Howdy folks especially my Arts group readers! I know from waking up to falling on the bed late at night, you hear lots of taunts. Am I right, No? Everyone neighbors, relatives, friends, even parents try to pull your leg for your career choice. People think only Science is a stream one should go for, and who try to opt for Arts over Science is a joke to the society. Students who want to make their name in Arts field give a huge ground to all the people to laugh at them. I can deem your pain of not being taken seriously in life.

As board examination is on the verge these days, the pressure of scoring good marks already troubling the students so that they can take Science, not Arts as their subject. But, Arts isn’t bad at all and you can have a satisfactory career in the Arts field also. These below mention points will make your decision of taking Arts paved. So, have a look.

1. You always live with the choice to drop out.

2. The option to pursue MBA remains open.
3. You become master when it comes to doing some jugaad.
4. You need no money for donation to get admission in a private college.
5. In a lesser college fee, you get to do more fun than others.
6. You need only a pen to write all question papers.
7. You can read books other than the lengthy syllabus books.
8. You have more chances to have Laal Batti Gadi.
9. More career opportunities and options will be opened for you.
10. Your professors are as cool as you.
11. You will have no stress of being compared with Sharma ji ka beta.
12. You can deal your parents with philosophical thoughts.
13. You will have no regrets to not enjoy your hobbies.
14. You can use heavier words whenever it comes to argue someone.
15. The first bencher in the class is also called the last bencher and have all the fun like the last bencher.
16. You will be saved from doing engineering.
17. You can do all the Netagiri in your college days.
18. Nobody, not even your parents expect anything from you. So you can have a life.
These are a few points that will make you satisfied if you are thinking to go for Arts. However, these are a humorous take on believing why is taking Arts absolutely fine but on a serious note too it is all okay to pursue Arts.

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