These Songs Are The Reason Why Shreya Ghoshal Is The Queen Of Voice!

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Soulful Songs Of Shreya

Music is something that accompanies you, heals your broken heart, becomes the lifeline of the parties. In short, with music, you feel complete. But, music should be good unlike the music of today, noisy, meaningless lyrics, copied tones etc. Also, what makes a music better is the voice which beautifully sings the lyrics on the music.

When we particularly talk about Indian singers, there are a few singers whose voice directly hit the heart and one among them is Queen of voice, Shreya Ghoshal. The singer who sings in more than 15 languages, wins 4 national awards, House of Commons of the UK honors her.She is an amazing singer and was also honored by the U.S. state of Ohio, where a day June 26, 2010, was declared as “Shreya Ghoshal Day” by the governor Ted Strickland. She has sung a huge number of songs and the number has been increasing. Her voice is a pure magic which can give life to any music.

Shreya appeared at the age of 18 and since then she has been ruling the industry with her magical voice. Her melodious has become every music lovers’ favorite. So, we did hard work and shortlisted 11 best songs of Shreya Ghoshal.

Have A Look At The Songs Which Are The Reason Why Shreya Ghoshal Is Called The Queen Of Voice:

#1. Female version of Raabta

#2 Leja Leja Re

#3 Piyu Bole Piya Bole

#4 Teri Ore

#5 Barso Re Megha

#6 Aadha Ishq Aadha Hua

#7 Naam Adaa Likhna

#8 Saibo

#9 Yeh Ishq Hai

#10 Jaadu Hai Nashaa Hai

#11 Deewani Mastani

These are only a few songs that define the excellence of Shreya. She is truly called The Queen of Voice.

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