Why Indians Are Way Behind In Using Condoms?

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Have you ever wondered why our country’s population is the second largest in the world and why it is increasing rapidly day by day? After reading the question, you will be thinking about various reasons but today I am going to tell you a reason that will be tough for you to digest. The reason is Indians avoid using condoms.
In the National Family Health Survey, it is found that 95% of Indians do not use condoms. Quite shocking!
Now, the question is why people in India avoid the use of condoms? When asked about this serious problem to people in India, they gave very strange and illogical answers. So, let’s know what Indians have to say:

Why does Indian avoid using Condoms?

1. The people involved in this survey was mostly the engineering students. Their answers were, “We buy condoms for whom?” There is no necessity of condom. So, why don’t we spend that money on Chai and Sutta?
2. If a buyer thinks to buy a condom, then who will go to buy from a chemist? This will be the problem. And if you ask for a condom from a medical storeman, then he silently raises the question on your character.
3. Many bachelors say that if any of the boy or girl who is going to have sex, will bring out a condom then the other will think that it was all pre-planned and there will be chances of ruining the romantic moment.
4. In addition to this, some people responded in a very cheerful mood and said that it takes very long time to get ready with the condom.
5. Married people say that keeping a condom is a very risky work because if the condom is kept in a pocket then the wife will raise a doubt. If it is kept in a drawer and anybody finds it then it will be a moment of embarrassment.
6. Some people also had to say that first of all, bring it from the chemist is a shameless work and if by chance it gets torn then the level of tension will be so high.
7. Some people did not bring or purchase condom due to fear that what if their children will get it and they begin to play with it.
8. Some stupid people said in a dirty way that they do not need helmets to be protective.
9. Some people gave a different reason for not using the condom. They said that using the condom is a foreign culture which Indian need not to follow. Also, they do not use the condom until the Patanjali Ayurvedic condom will be available in the market.
So, folks, these were the 9 reasons to have India’s population more than 100 million. What do you think about it? Do you agree with these answers of not using condoms?

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