Why Is Chicken Pox Considered And Treated As ‘Mata’ In India?

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In India, everything is seen in connection with religious belief and faith.
In India, most people see everything from the point of view of religion, they link everything with religion. Not only this but also the names of diseases are also linked with God. The oldest recognized popularity among diseases in our country is Chicken Pox. This disease is considered as a punishment from mother in India.
Many people also refuse to give medicines in this disease and only neem leaves and branches are used for the treatment of this disease. They keep these things near the patient and wait for the miracle.

Do you know why chicken pox in India is called ‘Mata’?

Have you ever thought what is the reason behind it? So let us raise the curtain why Chicken Pox is called Mata in India. There is a mythological belief associated with this, due to which this disease is called Mata.
According to Medical Science, Chicken Pox is a serious disease spreading through measles, which is believed to be linked directly to hygiene. Even today in many areas and villages of India, this disease is seen by connecting with Mother Sheetala, which is a form of mother Durga.
About this goddess, the elderly say that she has the broom in her one hand and in the other hand, she holds the vessel of holy water. When she gets angry, she punishes with a broom and when proper worship is done, she cures the diseases. In ancient time, it is said that, whoever is suffering from wounds, the injury should worship the goddess and in this context, this disease is called Mata.

Other belief says:

According to other belief, no medicines or injections of Chicken Pox were available till the 90’s, and at that time the outbreak of this disease was very high. In order to avoid this, Vaidyas gave some home remedies to the people, which included special care of cleanliness. As people in India believe only when it is associated with God, so this disease got associated with Mata.

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