The New Ad By Yatra Featuring Ranbir Kapoor Will Remind You Of Good Old Days

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A cup of coffee, a good book, soothing music is my escape from reality. What’s yours? Out of these three, listening really good Bollywood song is my favorite one. When I listen to the age-old Bollywood music at a higher volume I am reminded of the good old days. It is not wrong to say that there’s something in the power of music take you down to the memory lane though we are on the road to creating new memories.

While listening to the old Bollywood music I am taken back to the time when life was simpler and life appeared to be like one long musical ride. Remember, the Sundays when the whole neighborhood used to sit in front of a television set to watch out a movie?

The new advertisements by Yatra bring out the same. Ranbir Kapoor in the new ad while dancing on the song Meri umar ke Naujavano is endorsing the new offers by the Yatra. Watch out the Video below:

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