A Restaurant In Andhra Denied Entry To An Indian And The Reason Is Surprising

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India is a land of different tradition, rituals, culture and other as well. Among all of it, there also exist the stories of discrimination. Well, stories of discrimination against Indians in foreign nations is common but what about when Indians face it in their own land??

Let me tell you about a case of discrimination that happened with an Indian journalist Rahul in Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh.

Rahul and his brother were denied entry by a guest house and restaurant named Mojave. The reason given to them for entry denial is that the restaurant serves to the South Koreans.


Rahul told ScoopWhoop that “The person on the other side told me that the restaurant only serves Koreans and that Indians are not allowed.”

The restaurant also had posters that seemed to indicate preferential entrance for customers. Rahul posted about the incident on Facebook with a picture. In other places of India’s beaches and restaurants, such discrimination still exists.

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