‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer Is Out & It Recreates The Charm

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“They Are Back”

After a long wait and months of anticipation, Marvel has finally released the second trailer for the Avengers: Infinity Wars. The most awaited second trailer of Avengers: Infinity Wars is out and trust me the magic of long wait and months of anticipation is clearly visible.

Divided by the Civil War and united by the Infinity War, the Avengers unite together to hit back on the enemy they have common. Marvel Studios released the new trailer on Friday night and it quickly topped the trends list everywhere. And has reached 16.5 million views & it is trending on #1 position on YouTube.


However, in one of the spectacular scenery, Thor- yes, the mighty Thor – is no match for Thanos. And, suddenly in a flip, we see Captain America fighting with Thanos.

The Avengers are working with The Guardians of The Galaxy and Gamora appears to have a special role to play in bringing Thanos down.

Watch the trailer of Avengers: Infinity War here:

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