Two Inspiring Lady Of Bollywood Candid About Their Inspiration In TapeCast

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Bollywood’s finest actress or ladies who have achieved a name in the industry with their acting skills as well as the point of view they put forward.

Recently, Shabana Azmi and Vidya Balan teamed up on Film Companion’s TapeCast. Both have found tremendous significant praise for their brilliant performances over the years. Here are the best bits of their chat and views.

They were candid about difficult thing about acting:

Vidya: “I think it is to believe at all times. Sometimes why that happens is that maybe we invest too much in some moments. I always ask myself if am I being true. To be in it at all times is most challenging.”

Shabana: “I think it is to speak previously rehearsed lines and give the impression like you’re saying it for the first time. That to me is an art in Hindi cinema we have still not acquired. With so many of our actors, they don’t even know the language.”

Who inspire the leading ladies?

Vidya: “I derive inspiration from real people, the way they do things and therefore inspire. But I have to say, as an actor, you made every moment feel so real and relatable.”

Shabana: “There is a danger in getting inspired by performances because one gets so taken up by them that there is almost a desire to imitate those performances.”

Are women each other’s worst enemies?

Shabana: “I find that such an obnoxious generalization that it gets my goat. So I don’t agree with this. But yes, it’s true I do regret the uncharitable remarks I made against Smita Patil. I wouldn’t do that today.”

Vidya: “It’s so amazing that you can say that.”

You can watch the full video here:

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