Pakistan’s Unbelievable Move, Appoints A Transgender As News Reader

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Internet Is Going Gaga Over Pakistan’s Step

The world sees LGBT community differently. Except only a few people of this world, all bent on finding a reason to discriminate them. They are not looked upon with respect and dignity. The reason behind this discrimination is not justified and now it’s high time we need to be changed and give them all the respect and position in the society they actually deserve.

In this row to accept them with respect, the neighboring country of India, Pakistan which is known for all the bad reasons took a progressive and applaudable move towards equality by approving a bill in favor the transgender community. The bill empowers them to choose their own identity in the country.

The first transgender got her equality when a Pak channel appointed her as a newscaster. The news channel which appointed her is not known yet. With this step, Pakistan has set an example for other countries to take an applauding move for transgenders.

The report has been rolled out by a senior journalist associated with BBC named Shiraz Hassan. He shared the news with the caption “Pakistan’s first newscaster on screen now – Maavia Malik.”

As soon as this report came out, Internet starts applauding Pakistan for its step to provide equality to transgender. See below the reactions of Twitteratis:

This step of Pakistan is a milestone. Other countries also need to follow the footsteps of Pakistan in providing equality to transgenders or LGBT.


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