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Do you know in many countries of the world eating a few foods are illegal or a crime that can send you behind the bars? Quite shocking to know! But this is true as in Japan, eating whales are prohibited, so dolphin food in Taiwan is illegal. Also, we Indian especially Hindu people cannot eat beef. Eating beef is illegal on the ground of religion. So, today, we are going to tell you about some of the world food that cannot be eaten. If anyone dares to eat any of these foods which are prohibited in many countries of the world, they may also have to go to jail.

Here are foods which cannot be eaten:

#1. Dolphin, Taiwan

Since 1989, consumption of dolphins in Taiwan has been prohibited. Despite this, thousands of dolphins are killed in Taiwan so that people can eat it illegally.

#2. Pangolin, China

Pangolin is a favorite food for the people of China, which has created a threat to this organism. In order to deal with this threat, China has banned hunting of pangolin.

#3. Echidna, Papua New Guinea

Echidna is an organism that is found only in Papua New Guinea. Like China, due to the growing demand for Echidna in the people, there was a great decline in the population of this organism, after which the government here prohibited its prey.

#4. Salamander, China

These huge creatures are found in South China. Due to its growing demand in thirty years, the price of one piece of it has more than $ 1000 dollars. The population of this animal has declined by 80 percent, after which China has banned its prey.

#5. Mountain Chicken, Dominica, and Montserrat

This is so popular among the Caribbean people that only in a few decades its population fell to 80 percent. However, the hunting of Mountain Chicken was banned in 1990.

#6. Sharkfin, China

Sharkfin is a dish that only rich people eat in China. This food was banned in Taiwan in 2011 itself. But in China, it has been banned only in a few places. This is not entirely illegal in China.

#7. Ortolan, France

It is a type of bird found in Europe. In France, this bird was eaten with great fervor. But this food was declared illegal in 1998. Now, whoever tries to eat this bird will go behind the bars.

#8. Green Sea Turtle, Cayman Islands

Every year people from different corners of the world come to eat this green meated sea turtle on the Cayman Island. This dish has got national dish status on the island. Although this dish may not be banned in the cam, many of the states of South America, the Caribbean, and Asia have banned its export. The people of Cayman say that seeing the dwindling population of Green Sea Turtle, Tourist also should avoid eating it.
These are those foods which are banned in parts of the world. So friends, if you do not want to go to jail, do not eat these dishes in those countries where they are completely banned.

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