Ever Heard About These 6 People Who Duped Over A Hundred People Of Crores

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With the ever-changing world, there is also an ever-growing list of bank frauds. It was just last month when the whole incident of Nirav Modi came to light. Bank fraud nowadays has become very common. Well, today I am going to tell you about another fiasco that has recently got added to the list of bank frauds.

As per the Times Of India, Delhi police have arrested 6 people who cheated on hundred people. The gang of 6 duped people of crores all with the help of a calligrapher.

“We have arrested six people and seized images of cheques worth Rs 2.6 crore” DCP (west) Vijay Kumar told Times Of India.


What shocking is that these men never met each other to plan out the whole thing. Out of the six one is a bank official who would obtain cheques for the fraud.

He would steal blank cheques, copies of signatures and sent them to a calligraphy expert based in Kolkata. The calligrapher would then replicate the signatures on the cheques, which would then get encashed and the money transferred to bank accounts of the gang members.

The investigation was started on a complaint of Vikas Solanki. An FIR was lodged and a team was formed. The team with its efforts and hard work managed to chase down Rishikesh Kumar, Probal Sen Gupta, Satender Sharma, Bipolab Das and Ashish Kumar and Deepak Kumar.

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