102 Not Out Trailer Knocked Us Again To Love Big B & Rishi Kapoor

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‘Ageless Family Comedy’

There are old people who spend their life just thinking they are old, but there are old people who without even thinking, enjoys that old phase with fullest.

Recently we have witnessed this kind of example, Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor, the two legends of the industry show the two vastly different sides of being in the last leg of your life in their upcoming film ‘102 Not Out’

The trailer for the film was released which shows the unusual father-son story seems to be a quirky, side-splitting comedy by Umesh Shukla, the director who directs OMG starrer Akshay Kumar.


According to the Director, Umesh Shukla told IANS, “When we narrated the idea to both of them, they said okay to the script within 10 minutes. Once they knew the essence is so good, beautiful and playful, also with a lot of depth and emotions, they liked it all.”

The 2 minute 55 second of sheer fun by the amazing father-son duo prove why old is actually gold. The story begins with a 102-year-old father, played by Bachchan, who is full of life and wants to be the oldest person alive on earth. While on the other side Rishi plays his 75-year-old son who is living a dull life.

Watch the trailer of most adorable father-son duo here: 

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