Radhika Apte’s New Mumbai Apartment Is As Bright As Her Career: Photos

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Hello, friends! All I want in my life to own a place I can call it my heaven of dreams, a balcony decorated with fairy lights, small corner for reading, cool place to focus on work and many… many more.

Recently, a Bollywood actress Radhika Apte, buy her own such dreamy space in Versova, Mumbai that’s she decorated just the way she ever wanted to do!

Talking about her favorite spot Radhika Apte said, “hoarder of memories.” “My home features furniture that belonged to my grandmother and my parents. They are small pieces like a chair or a stool,” she says.

“This chair was one of the first pieces of furniture that I got made with my own money, mostly because my mum loves it. She finds it perfect to sit on as it is very comfortable. It’s her spot. I don’t sit on it, and neither does Benedict,” she says with a smile.

Her favorite spot in her home would have to be the balcony, “I love this spot because it’s where I can kick back and relax. You can usually find me lounging here with a cup of tea at night.”

She has a full-length mirror in her bedroom about which she said, “I’ve placed the mirror here to make my room more spacious.”

However, she gave credit to her husband for choosing the apartment, “He (Benedict) has a great sense of the kind of house to live in because he looks at the light, and he is better at imagining what the house could be turned into. I implement his vision. It is important to have light in your house. So, I have always looked for houses that have enough light.”

All images sourced from Architectural Digest.

She has such a wonderful and dreamy apartment that we all crave for life!

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