Watch Out Why An SUV Flew Up In The Air In Mumbai

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Every living being and even the world one day is going to end. It is going to happen sooner or later and it will be good that we accept this reality as soon as possible. Well, things created and designed by humans can be a force of destruction sometimes.

As summer has arrived and hot heat is hitting our skin already we are eagerly waiting for the monsoon to arrive. Right?? But, are we already enough?? A shocking incident has happened Mumbai’s Borivali.

What happened is a water pipe burst without warning in the area and due to which a Bolero SUV flew up in the air with the water pressure.


As per The Indian Express, many videos have been surfaced on the internet after the pipe burst, followed by a water blast that blew up the car.

Watch out the whole video below:

The incident raises out several questions???

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