How To Know Your Relationship Is Just For Lust, Not Love?

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Beware Of Just Lustful Relationship

Loving someone is quite a complicated feeling which comes with a lot of different emotions. True love can change your life, can fill your life with unexpected happiness, can bring a positivity in you and all these things are possible only when you are in a feeling of true love. Also, when you love someone, you should be ready to put their needs over your own, be ready to work on the relation to make it better, be ready to be patient with your happiness. But, before taking a step forward and putting all your efforts into the relationship, you need to make sure that the relationship you are in is true not only for lust. Very often people confuse lust with love, and as a result, their relationship reaches nowhere.
So, never confuse lust in the relationship with love and by below-mentioned traits, find out is your relationship with love or lust?

#1 You always try to impress your partner

You try to look perfect without any flaw in front of your partner. You try to bring out your best look when you are going to the date. In short, you focus on all the materialistic things that can impress your partner. The same doesn’t happen in true love.

#2 You both don’t have any smart conversation

When partners are in a relationship only for lust, there is a lack of smart conversation between them. They don’t talk about serious things like their future plans, fears of losing them, dreams, and so on.

#3 You never see any flaw in your partner and try to correct it

When you are in love, you see each other’s flaws and try to correct those flaws with love. As no one is perfect in the world and having flaws are obvious. But when you are connected only with lust, you don’t see each other’s flaws. You think your partner is perfect.

#4 You see time only to get intimate

When people are in love, everything matters to them. They love spending a lot of time communicating with each other, they enjoy going for walks, they enjoy watching movies and what not. But when the partners are connected just with lust, they spend their most of the time being physically intimate.

#5 Lack of emotional connection

The first thing clearly visible in the relationship only for lust is the lack of emotional connection. If you have nothing to talk at any moment, you will enjoy even silence but when you are not in love, you feel awkwardness and become bored.

#6 You create no memories

If you are connected with each other only for lust, then you spend most of your time in the bedroom and have no wish to create memories of the outer world. When you look back, find no pleasant memories about common holidays, movies that you watched together etc.

#7 You don’t think about future

Seeing and planning future together is the dream of partners in love. They think and talk about their future. They discuss how to shape the future. They look in the same direction to make the future together but all these happen when you are in love, not only in lust. If you are together only for lust, nothing like these come in your mind.
Each partner in the relationship needs to work on it for having a long-lasting relationship. To be with the person forever, make the base of the relationship strong.

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